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  • un’estate italiana / chapter one

    un’estate italiana / chapter one

    “Come inside, I’ll show you something you’ve never seen before”, said the old man I was interviewing. The year is 1997 and I’m in the town of Las Acequias, just under 40 km away from the city of Rio Cuarto, in Argentina. The old man invited me to his home, asked me to sit down […]

  • Spirit of ’86 – Vindication

    Spirit of ’86 – Vindication

    Vindication Dreamers will often fall short. We must always shoot for the stars, but never lose track of the fact that, usually, we’ll never reach them. Michaël Asau’s tenure at Vejle ends in much the same way. All along this season, I could catch glimpses of it when we met, or during matches. A tiredness, […]

  • Spirit of ’86 – Parken

    Spirit of ’86 – Parken

    Parken The Parken Stadion sits in the Indre Østerbro district, Copenhague, just a tad under 200 kilometres from Vejle’s ground. It was inaugurated in 1992, after two years of construction and it replaces, of course, the original Parken, the Københavns Idrætspark.  The original stadium was the theatre for the Danish Dynamite’s most iconic moment, at […]

  • Blood&Blue – Season 2026/27 Review

    Blood&Blue – Season 2026/27 Review

    Boy, has this one been delayed, eh? Not sure if many of you were waiting for it, slowly ruining your manicures with nervous nail-biting; regardless of that, fear no more for it has arrived. When we left off, we had just escaped relegation with a late-season revival courtesy of playing the game how it’s f*cking […]

  • Blood&Blue – Season 2025/26 Review

    Blood&Blue – Season 2025/26 Review

    Once again into the fray we go with RFC Liege. When we left off the story, Les Sang et Marine had just achieved promotion after a spectacular run that propelled us into a playoff position. However, with a surprising promotion always comes a hard time the following season; how did we manage in the Belgian […]

  • Blood&Blue – Season 2024/25 Review

    Blood&Blue – Season 2024/25 Review

    How’s it going, guys? Welcome to a new season review for the Blood & Blue. When we last left the action, we had scraped past a terrible run of form to survive another season in the Eerste Klasse B, Belgium’s second tier. With lessons learned both in economic and sporting terms, our third time at […]

  • South American Journeyman Recap #29 & Epilogue

    South American Journeyman Recap #29 & Epilogue

    Hello guys, how’s it going? It’s been a long while now, hasn’t it? I’m very sorry it took so long, I’ve been massively busy with a lot of projects but the moment has come, it’s time for the final Monday Recap on the South American Journeyman. When we last left the action, Cienciano had just […]

  • South American Journeyman Recap #27

    South American Journeyman Recap #27

    Hello guys, how’s it going? Welcome to a brand new Monday Recap on the South American Journeyman? How are things over where you’re from? Over here normality is slowly creeping in, which I’m not sure it’s a great thing (people become careless), but we endure. When we last left, Cienciano had just finished a rather […]

  • South American Journeyman Recap #26

    South American Journeyman Recap #26

    How do you do, guys? Welcome to a new Monday Recap on the South American Journeyman! Number 26 no less! It’s been a long journey, and I’m starting to feel like we’re gonna run out of FM20 before it finishes, but we carry on! Last time we had finished a very interesting first season at […]

  • South American Journeyman Recap #25

    South American Journeyman Recap #25

    What’s up guys? Welcome to a new Monday Recap of the South American Journeyman. First of all I want to apologize for the lateness of this episode. The way I have it planned, the episode should be written by Saturday, so Sunday I can focus on the finishing touches and scheduling; however, I was delayed, […]