Guide to the 92/93 DB – Quiet People and Fine Wine

We continue in our search for the best saves on The MadScientist’s 1992/93 Database for Football Manager 2022, diving into the story of some of the most interesting teams and players of the era and making the case for a save with them. We leave England behind and sail through the Channel and around FinistèreContinue reading “Guide to the 92/93 DB – Quiet People and Fine Wine”

The South American Roles: The Enganche (feat. FM Grasshopper)

Football in Argentina, like so many things in my homeland, has always been best represented by its leaders, larger-than-life characters that come to epitomize people’s traditions and ideas. From a tactical standpoint, those would be  the “Cinco” and the “Diez”.  The “Cinco”, the traditional Argentine defensive midfielder, represents the warrior on the pitch, the courageContinue reading “The South American Roles: The Enganche (feat. FM Grasshopper)”