Guide to the 92/93 DB – Bravely and (Un)Responsibly

Our search for the best saves on The MadScientist’s 1992/93 Database for Football Manager 2022 carries on, diving into the story of some of the most interesting teams and players of the era and telling you why you should manage them. We leave continental Europe and fly back to the British Isles; this time weContinue reading “Guide to the 92/93 DB – Bravely and (Un)Responsibly”

The Game of Our Fathers S01E02 – The Hardest Road

Hello guys and welcome to the second episode of “The Game of Our Fathers”. I wanna thank you all for your support with the first part, I’m very glad you enjoyed it. In this second part, I’ll look to build on the mission statement of the first episode and explain a bit the scouting andContinue reading “The Game of Our Fathers S01E02 – The Hardest Road”