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  • The Dartboard Journeyman – Part 2

    The Dartboard Journeyman – Part 2

    It was my first day. I was bending over the bathroom sink. Not one of the three taps could work, which was probably the reason the whole thing was out of order. That made it a perfect hiding place. “What the f*ck am I going to do?”, I said to myself. I checked my watch. […]

  • The Dartboard Journeyman – Part 1

    The Dartboard Journeyman – Part 1

    “You want what?”, said the tourist agent, visibly confused.“An open ticket to any of these countries”, the young man sitting in front of her replied.“But… well, for starters, that’s not how an open ticket works. And secondly, you can’t just fly away to any given country. We’re in a pandemic, there are controls to pass, […]

  • The Italian Roles: The Regista

    The Italian Roles: The Regista

    Last time around we discussed the role of the Libero, a player who was made free from the chains of Catenaccio to roam the pitch both in defence and in attack, to close down his opponents and create for his teammates. However, there is another role in the Italian game with the same freedom in […]