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  • South American Journeyman Recap #21

    South American Journeyman Recap #21

    How’re you doing guys? Welcome to a new Monday Recap on the South American Journeyman. Here it’s been a busy week as things the quarantine finally comes to a close. However, it has a lot more to do with the economy as cases are still rampant so we can’t let our guards down just yet. […]

  • South American Journeyman Recap #20

    South American Journeyman Recap #20

    How’s it going guys? Welcome to a brand new Monday Recap on the South American Journeyman. How are things were you’re from? Here things appear to slowly returning to normality with the government finally announcing the scale back of the quarantine; it’s a big step, even though people had been going out more for weeks […]

  • South American Journeyman Recap #17

    South American Journeyman Recap #17

    How’s it going guys? Welcome to a new Monday Recap. I hope you’re all right, enjoying the return of football thoughout so many places in Europe. Here things are still very hard, with a big spike in cases lately, mainly in some the most vulnerable neighborhoods in the city of Buenos Aires and the Metropolitan […]

  • South American Journeyman Recap #15

    South American Journeyman Recap #15

    What’s up guys? Welcome to a new Monday Recap of the South American Journeyman. How are things where you’re from? Here in Argentina we’re having a bit a spike in cases so the governament are going back on some of the more lenient measures that were put in place a couple of weeks ago. Even […]

  • South American Journeyman Recap #11

    South American Journeyman Recap #11

    What’s up guys? How are you holding up? Here in Argentina the quarantine has just been extended for another week… and what can I say, it’s starting to “show” in my mood. But it’s as important as ever to stay home, aid those in need and help the workers who can’t stay put or work […]

  • South American Journeyman Recap #7

    South American Journeyman Recap #7

    Hey guys how’s it going? Welcome to a new #SouthAmericanJourneyman monday recap! I hope all of you are taking care of yourself and your loved ones, staying home, washing your hands and taking all the measures necessary. The moment of truth What a week has been for A.S. Confiança! It all started with a close […]

  • South American Journeyman Recap #6

    South American Journeyman Recap #6

    Welcome to a new monday recap guys! It’s been a while but we’re back at it. It’s been a busy… summer, I guess, as the off season in Brazil goes from september to january, counterclock to most of the footballing world. Let’s see what we’ve been up to… Signings, signings everywhere It was a complicated […]