The Dartboard Journeyman – Part 9

No more distractions Grahame Park is quiet at night. Walking around the offices, making the rounds around the pitch, nobody is there, nothing is there. Just the sound of the waves of the Brisbane Water crashing against the coast on the other side of the A49, again and again and again. I had just wrappedContinue reading “The Dartboard Journeyman – Part 9”

The Dartboard Journeyman – Part 8

Enough Silver Medals As I sat in my office, I watched the smoke from the tobacco go up in the air, twisting and turning, and I reminded myself of a cheesy action movie where the villain got killed as a heat tracking missile followed his cigarette. I had taken to smoking a week or soContinue reading “The Dartboard Journeyman – Part 8”

The Dartboard Journeyman – Part 7

Feel Good Mojo You can tell how important football is for a country by how much sense their football season makes; at least, that’s one way I see it. Going by that metric, it’s clear to see that football, association football that is, is a relatively new phenomenon in a country ruled by Aussie rulesContinue reading “The Dartboard Journeyman – Part 7”

The Dartboard Journeyman – Part 6

There was an unnerving tapping noise in my ears. It was late on a Monday night and I couldn’t do anything but stare at the emptiness of my laptop’s screen. “What time is it?”, I pondered. 7:44 PM. I didn’t think a moment more irrelevant could exist in one’s life. I got up and didContinue reading “The Dartboard Journeyman – Part 6”