The Dartboard Journeyman – Part 5

The Question It’s from a Pearl Jam song. And it’s one of the questions I was pondering more often than not. Sitting in my office, my actual office, I watched the Under 23s training under José through a small gap I had opened in the shades. He barked orders just like any of the otherContinue reading “The Dartboard Journeyman – Part 5”

The Dartboard Journeyman – Part 4

The one thing nobody tells you about becoming a manager is how little downtime you have. With memories of the last day of the season still fresh, two weeks later I was once again under the scorching sun of the full-blown Indonesian summer.  Out on the training pitch, I watched over the trialists’ work. We’veContinue reading “The Dartboard Journeyman – Part 4”