The South American Roles

The South American Roles was one of my first ever tactical analysis articles, and one that helped me figure out the style I wanted this kind of articles to follow. I was also lucky to get the help of one of my biggest inspirations for FM blogging, FM Grasshopper, who was kind enough to co-author the article on the Argentinian Enganche.

The South American Roles: The Enganche (feat. FM Grasshopper)

Football in Argentina, like so many things in my homeland, has always been best represented by its leaders, larger-than-life characters that come to epitomize people’s traditions and ideas. From a tactical standpoint, those would be  the “Cinco” and the “Diez”.  The “Cinco”, the traditional Argentine defensive midfielder, represents the warrior on the pitch, the courageContinue reading “The South American Roles: The Enganche (feat. FM Grasshopper)”

The South American Roles: The Segundo Volante

Who’s your favourite brazilian footballer? If you’re my age, it’s probably Ronaldo or Ronaldinho. If you’re older, maybe it’s Romario, Socrates, maybe even Pelé himself. And if you’re too young to remember the times when Zidane had any hair on his head, I’m guessing it’s Neymar. It’s all too logical; they’re the deadly strikers, theContinue reading “The South American Roles: The Segundo Volante”

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