The Game of Our Fathers

My first series on Football Manager 2021 was “The Game of Our Fathers”, where I played with Scottish side Heart of Midlothian from Edinburgh, with the goal of redeveloping the Combination Game style of passing that was invented by Scottish teams in the dawn of football. It was written in the style of the modern sports docu-series like “Sunderland ‘Til I Die” or the “All or Nothing” series, putting a heavy focus on the characters and the daily business of running a club. However, results weren’t good enough and it ended unsuccessfully

The Game of Our Fathers S02E02 – Make it all worthwhile

Prologue Ross Salcedo’s men prepare for an all important fixture. After winning their Scottish League Cup group, the draw has given them a mighty task; it’s an all out Edinburgh Derby.  “Hearts vs Hibs is always a massive fixture”, says Salcedo. “It doesn’t matter the circumstance, how the teams are doing… it’s a fixture thatContinue reading “The Game of Our Fathers S02E02 – Make it all worthwhile”

The Game of Our Fathers S01E03 – Blood doesn’t Show on a Maroon Jersey

Hello guys and welcome to the third (and last) chapter of this first season. I’m already preparing for the new season but I just wanted to thank everyone who helped during the production process of this first season. Adam (aka FM Stag) who I annoyed constantly with questions, Connor and Martin who allowed me toContinue reading “The Game of Our Fathers S01E03 – Blood doesn’t Show on a Maroon Jersey”

The Game of Our Fathers S01E01 – A New Era

Heart of Midlothian was relegated after a shortened 19/20 season and need the right man to take them back to the top tier. With all the logical candidates long discarded, who are they appointing? Find out in the first episode of The Game of Our Fathers

Save Announcement: The Game of our Fathers

For FM21, I’m going back to the birthplace of football, to try and put one of the game’s dawning brightest nations back where they belong. I’m also experimenting with a new style and format, a fly-on-the-wall style documentary. Enjoy the trailer! You feeling nervous? It’s terrifying out there, isn’t it guys? Absolutely f*cking terrifying. I’veContinue reading “Save Announcement: The Game of our Fathers”

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