The Livorno Series

My first ever series on this blog followed the adventures of Gianluigi Lucarelli as he took charge of his hometown side, A.S. Livorno. It’s written in a mixed style of fiction and analysis, with all the typical errors of a rookie blogger. However, it was cut short, the reasons for which I’ve explored in this post.

Chapter 5 – Some kind of happiness is measured out in wins

After the match the dressing room was quiet as a grave. “Can’t say I’m not dissapointed”, Gianluigi said, “but that’s not important now”. He stared at his players. “All of you know, this was a huge chance. We were there, it was within our reach, ready to be grasped, and we were close…heck, we mightContinue reading “Chapter 5 – Some kind of happiness is measured out in wins”

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