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Since 2020 I’ve been lucky enough to be part of the great team at Dictate the Game. These are some of my favourite articles that I wrote for them. You can check the full list here, as well as the rest of the site.

With the announcement that Julian Nagelsmann will be taking over at Bayern Munich for next season, that will make it three coaches in succession that have taken German football’s most laureate job after having worked for one of Red Bull’s network of teams. His successor at Leipzig, Jesse Marsch, comes from the same school. Red Bull academy’s influence can be seen across many managers. Let’s take a look at how to replicate it and develop young managers on Football Manager

As much as anyone loves the majestic performances of Maldini, Baresi and Bonucci, there’s nothing quite like a well-scored goal. Much like everything else in football, though, attacking and scoring are about movement as well as skill. What players do with the ball at their feet you can’t control, but you can control where they do it. Create overwhelming attacking movement on Football Manager with what I call the Five Channels.

A Lower Leagues save can be one of the most fascinating experiences to have on Football Manager; you’re pushed to limits in every aspect of the game and it’s up to you to make it good. The only way is up, but the road is hard. You’re gonna need the best players available for it, but with little to no scouting team or budget, it can seem impossible to find that save-redeeming signing that puts you on the right track. Get yourself out of this guide to trials in Football Manager.

It’s not a stretch to say that every FM player is, to some degree, a football fan. But even as we all share the love of the beautiful game, everyone has their favourite style. Be it a possession heavy style or a deadly countering team, we all want our side playing a certain way. When the time comes to take inspiration from our favourite real-life managers, however, the job can get tricky. Fear not, for help is on the way, with this guide on how to recreate tactics on Football Manager.

Navigating the turbulent waters of the transfer market is one of the great pleasures of playing Football Manager; finding that future world-beater, snatching that top-class player on a free from a rival, or simply closing a long wanted signing. But sometimes, be it through budget limitations or time constraints, it’s hard to find the players you need. When necessity becomes urgent, it’s time for some improvisation. Here are five positional switches you can try and pull off with alternative signings on FM.

Reading. It’s that boring thing your English teachers tried to get you into. However, I’m guessing that by now you’ve figured out, as most adults do, that it’s not reading that’s boring, it’s 19th Century novels. Any reader’s boredom often comes from the topic or style of the book or article, not the act itself. Since you’re here, I’m going to go ahead and assume football and video games are interests of yours. And since you’re reading this site you’re clearly not against the idea. So how can we mix the three, and what can we get from it? How can football books improve your FM experience?

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