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  • Chapter 1 – In the beginning

    Chapter 1 – In the beginning

    On the pitch the air was cold. Thunder rumbled, like a giant moaning far, far away. Gianluigi took it all in; the rain, the wind, the storm. “You only ever get one first match”, he thought. He was bluffing. He did not care. But he was more nervous than he had ever been, so making…

  • Introduction – Più che calcio

    Introduction – Più che calcio

    He hung up the phone and sat down on his bed “What did they said?”, asked his grandmother. She had been listening all the time, hidden behind the door threshold. “I…I got it”, he replied. “Bravo, ragazzo mio!” Gianluigi looked at the wrinkled face of his nonna; the sweet smile, the gentle eyes, the curly…