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  • un’estate italiana / chapter one

    un’estate italiana / chapter one

    “Come inside, I’ll show you something you’ve never seen before”, said the old man I was interviewing. The year is 1997 and I’m in the town of Las Acequias, just under 40 km away from the city of Rio Cuarto, in Argentina. The old man invited me to his home, asked me to sit down […]

  • un’estate italiana / chapter zero

    un’estate italiana / chapter zero

    Notti magicheInseguendo un goalSotto il cieloDi un’estate italiana “Magic nights, chasing a goal, under the sky of an Italian summer”. For a World Cup that was played two years before I was even born, I sure know those lyrics by heart. The thing is, there is something truly magical about Italia 90. It’s hard to […]