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  • Spirit of ’86 – Vindication

    Spirit of ’86 – Vindication

    Vindication Dreamers will often fall short. We must always shoot for the stars, but never lose track of the fact that, usually, we’ll never reach them. Michaël Asau’s tenure at Vejle ends in much the same way. All along this season, I could catch glimpses of it when we met, or during matches. A tiredness, […]

  • Spirit of ’86 – Parken

    Spirit of ’86 – Parken

    Parken The Parken Stadion sits in the Indre Østerbro district, Copenhague, just a tad under 200 kilometres from Vejle’s ground. It was inaugurated in 1992, after two years of construction and it replaces, of course, the original Parken, the Københavns Idrætspark.  The original stadium was the theatre for the Danish Dynamite’s most iconic moment, at […]

  • Spirit of ’86 – Foundations

    Spirit of ’86 – Foundations

    Foundations If you’ve ever struggled in life (and who hasn’t), whether it was economically, mentally, spiritually or else, you know how important it is to find one’s footing. Our time on Earth can very quickly turn into what feels like a never-ending drop if we don’t. Football is no different. Teams can fall, and fall, […]

  • Spirit of ’86 – Recapture

    Spirit of ’86 – Recapture

    Recapture Football is… infinite. It’s unending. You can cover every story in every big team in every top league, but go one level below and it all starts again. It’s like a fractal of goals, near misses and drama. When Carl Hagedorn contacted me to join this team, it was the liberty he offered that […]

  • Choosing a Football Manager Save & My FM22 Save

    Choosing a Football Manager Save & My FM22 Save

    As the new Football Manager inches closer by the day, the question on everyone’s mind is “who will I play as?”. The market, ever clever, bombards us with lists and lists of recommendations. Whilst I think most (if not all) are well-meaning and intending to be helpful, many fall short for me in one way: […]