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  • Blood&Blue – Season 2026/27 Review

    Blood&Blue – Season 2026/27 Review

    Boy, has this one been delayed, eh? Not sure if many of you were waiting for it, slowly ruining your manicures with nervous nail-biting; regardless of that, fear no more for it has arrived. When we left off, we had just escaped relegation with a late-season revival courtesy of playing the game how it’s f*cking […]

  • Blood&Blue – Season 2025/26 Review

    Blood&Blue – Season 2025/26 Review

    Once again into the fray we go with RFC Liege. When we left off the story, Les Sang et Marine had just achieved promotion after a spectacular run that propelled us into a playoff position. However, with a surprising promotion always comes a hard time the following season; how did we manage in the Belgian […]

  • Blood&Blue – Season 2024/25 Review

    Blood&Blue – Season 2024/25 Review

    How’s it going, guys? Welcome to a new season review for the Blood & Blue. When we last left the action, we had scraped past a terrible run of form to survive another season in the Eerste Klasse B, Belgium’s second tier. With lessons learned both in economic and sporting terms, our third time at […]

  • Blood&Blue – Season 2023/24 Review

    Blood&Blue – Season 2023/24 Review

    Les Sang et Marine are back. Last time I talked about our 2022/23 season and how we survived the calamities of becoming an professional football club by overspending our way into remaining a second-tier club. Now comes the reckoning. As always, huge thanks for the support and I hope you enjoy this one! Ain’t no sunshine […]

  • Blood&Blue – Season 2022/23 Review

    Blood&Blue – Season 2022/23 Review

    We take another pause from the Italian Roles to take a look at how my RFC Liége has been doing. When we left off we had just earned promotion to the third tier, riding all season on the back of the French Polynesian god of goals, David Ozymandias Faupala (not his actual middle name). We […]

  • Blood&Blue – Season 2021/22 Review

    Blood&Blue – Season 2021/22 Review

    I want to start this new chapter by thanking all of you for your support on the first post. It might sound a bit exaggerated, but I found it astonishing that so many of you would be so interested in a simple save update and a somewhat silly stream of consciousness. Perhaps I’m doing this […]

  • Blood&Blue – Season 2020/21 Review

    Blood&Blue – Season 2020/21 Review

    Now that my “journey of a lifetime” series with Hearts has ended before it had really begun, I have been thinking about what I should do content-wise. I’ve got quite a few things planned out in terms of the tactics and guides, but could the blog work without the anchor of a series type-content? More […]