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  • The Italian Roles: The Trequartista

    The Italian Roles: The Trequartista

    Since this Italian Month started, we have moving forwards through the tactics blackboards of il Calcio Italiano. We commenced at the back, talking about the Libero, its defensive excellence and its free runs. We then moved to the defensive third and discussed the Regista, its artistry with the ball and its playmaking creativity. And lastly, we […]

  • The Italian Roles: The Mezzala

    The Italian Roles: The Mezzala

    Il Calcio Italiano is a game of great players, great teams and great myths. It is also a game of great language. As Sam Griswold points out in his article for These Football Times, it’s not a game of positions and passes but of ruoli(roles) and dialogo (literally to dialogue, in football to pass). It’s a language worthy of the […]

  • The Italian Roles: The Regista

    The Italian Roles: The Regista

    Last time around we discussed the role of the Libero, a player who was made free from the chains of Catenaccio to roam the pitch both in defence and in attack, to close down his opponents and create for his teammates. However, there is another role in the Italian game with the same freedom in […]

  • The Italian Roles: The Libero

    The Italian Roles: The Libero

    The Italian game, for all of its glory and importance, is also one of great contradictions. Less than 20 years after Vittorio Pozzo’s double-world-cup-winning side aimed to become the epitome of muscular, warrior-like football, Gianni Brera, the most influential Italian sports journalist ever, argued that Italians were physically weaker than their rivals, and should look […]

  • Il calcio italiano and it’s legacy – The Italian Roles

    Il calcio italiano and it’s legacy – The Italian Roles

    As recent events have shown, football is the sport of the people. Not only regarding popularity but also the way in which we construct our identity, the values we hold, the memories we build and the communities we’re part of. None of that is negotiable, none of that can be bought. As someone said, the […]