South American Journeyman Recap #5

How’s it going guys ? Ready for some #SouthAmericanJourneyman? I must admit I dropped the SudAmerica save. The players weren’t responding, I wasn’t hooked… Maybe I started it too soon after the heartbreak, but a journeyman save is all about the journey and I wasn’t feeling it. Ultimately I decided to take some time off.Continue reading “South American Journeyman Recap #5”

Lessons from the mad man: Bielsa’s 2002 World Cup Argentina Team

A note before we begin: this article is an extrapolation of a full piece I’ve just written on that team, the reason’s it struggled and its legacy on argentinian football; if you fancy a read, here’s the link. A Bit of Background Ask any number of argentinian football fans who is, in their opinion, theContinue reading “Lessons from the mad man: Bielsa’s 2002 World Cup Argentina Team”

South American Journeyman Recap #4

Welcome to a new monday(ish) recap of the #SouthAmericanJourneyman and this a bit of a sad one. I must announce this is the end for the current save. The reason comes down to one massive bug that basically will ruin the whole experience. In order to be able to have a proper rags to richesContinue reading “South American Journeyman Recap #4”

South American Journeyman Recap #3

How’s it going guys? You’ve (hopefully) been waiting for it and here it is, it’s time for a #SouthAmericanJourneyman update! Life’s been good here at Ateneo de Mercedes. A strong start to the season (if you don’t mention the first matches) has us scoring high in the early months of the season, with quite aContinue reading “South American Journeyman Recap #3”

South American Journeyman Recap #2

Hey guys, welcome to a new recap of the South American Journeyman! It’s been a while and for a moment it looked like this wasn’t happening (the game was giving me a crash dump on the same day no matter what) but here we are. A great Preseason is over so lets take look howContinue reading “South American Journeyman Recap #2”

South American Journeyman Recap #1

Hey guys! Welcome to the first of hopefully many blog updates on my South American Journeyman. This new project of mine’s objetive is to keep a record of an FM20 save starting from the bottom of the argentine football estructure, the (now dissolved) Torneo Argentino C, and go from there wherever our luck and ourContinue reading “South American Journeyman Recap #1”

Chapter 3 – You know, it’s not so bad when you get used to it…

The whistle blow came like a relief to all. The home fans roared like lions let out of cage, driven by a madness of joy and hope. For everyone else, it was a much needed break; like a boxer who’s barely survived the round, the away fans crawled back to their corner in pain, andContinue reading “Chapter 3 – You know, it’s not so bad when you get used to it…”

Chapter 2 – This cruel mistress of ours

Gianluigi woke up, almost jumping out of his bed. Cold sweat ran down his back. Everything was quiet, only his agitated breathing cut the silence. He realized was in his room; “It was all a dream” he said to himself. It seemed so real though; the boos from the fans, Don Aldo’s frown as heContinue reading “Chapter 2 – This cruel mistress of ours”

Chapter 1 – In the beginning

On the pitch the air was cold. Thunder rumbled, like a giant moaning far, far away. Gianluigi took it all in; the rain, the wind, the storm. “You only ever get one first match”, he thought. He was bluffing. He did not care. But he was more nervous than he had ever been, so makingContinue reading “Chapter 1 – In the beginning”

Introduction – Più che calcio

He hung up the phone and sat down on his bed “What did they said?”, asked his grandmother. She had been listening all the time, hidden behind the door threshold. “I…I got it”, he replied. “Bravo, ragazzo mio!” Gianluigi looked at the wrinkled face of his nonna; the sweet smile, the gentle eyes, the curlyContinue reading “Introduction – Più che calcio”