Life and Times… Arsène Wenger – The Monaco Era

When you look at Arsène Wenger’s time at AS Monaco, particularly if you’re familiar with what he’d later do at Arsenal, there’s an unmistakable feeling of having been there before. They say “history doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes”; at times it could be seen as melancholic humans looking back and hoping to findContinue reading “Life and Times… Arsène Wenger – The Monaco Era”

Life and Times… Arsène Wenger – Introduction

A few months ago, (I‘ve mentioned this before) I started re-reading one of my all-time favourite books, Jonathan Wilson’s Inverting the Pyramid. I had revisited some of my favourite chapters before, but this was the first time I embarked on a complete re-read. Adding to it, it was my first time reading the updated edition, meaningContinue reading “Life and Times… Arsène Wenger – Introduction”

Spirit of ’86 – Foundations

Foundations If you’ve ever struggled in life (and who hasn’t), whether it was economically, mentally, spiritually or else, you know how important it is to find one’s footing. Our time on Earth can very quickly turn into what feels like a never-ending drop if we don’t. Football is no different. Teams can fall, and fall,Continue reading “Spirit of ’86 – Foundations”

Spirit of ’86 – Recapture

Recapture Football is… infinite. It’s unending. You can cover every story in every big team in every top league, but go one level below and it all starts again. It’s like a fractal of goals, near misses and drama. When Carl Hagedorn contacted me to join this team, it was the liberty he offered thatContinue reading “Spirit of ’86 – Recapture”

Choosing a Football Manager Save & My FM22 Save

As the new Football Manager inches closer by the day, the question on everyone’s mind is “who will I play as?”. The market, ever clever, bombards us with lists and lists of recommendations. Whilst I think most (if not all) are well-meaning and intending to be helpful, many fall short for me in one way:Continue reading “Choosing a Football Manager Save & My FM22 Save”

Blood&Blue – Season 2026/27 Review

Boy, has this one been delayed, eh? Not sure if many of you were waiting for it, slowly ruining your manicures with nervous nail-biting; regardless of that, fear no more for it has arrived. When we left off, we had just escaped relegation with a late-season revival courtesy of playing the game how it’s f*ckingContinue reading “Blood&Blue – Season 2026/27 Review”

The Dutchman’s Flying Eagles – When Leo Beenhakker took Mexican football by storm

As a result of a process that started somewhere during the mid-to-late 80s, the European game has become the top of the football pyramid. It has been for a while now. Anyone who’s someone plays their trade in one of Europe’s top five leagues; anyone who doesn’t, wants to. For the most part, at least.Continue reading “The Dutchman’s Flying Eagles – When Leo Beenhakker took Mexican football by storm”

Blood&Blue – Season 2025/26 Review

Once again into the fray we go with RFC Liege. When we left off the story, Les Sang et Marine had just achieved promotion after a spectacular run that propelled us into a playoff position. However, with a surprising promotion always comes a hard time the following season; how did we manage in the BelgianContinue reading “Blood&Blue – Season 2025/26 Review”

Blood&Blue – Season 2024/25 Review

How’s it going, guys? Welcome to a new season review for the Blood & Blue. When we last left the action, we had scraped past a terrible run of form to survive another season in the Eerste Klasse B, Belgium’s second tier. With lessons learned both in economic and sporting terms, our third time atContinue reading “Blood&Blue – Season 2024/25 Review”

The Italian Roles: The Trequartista

Since this Italian Month started, we have moving forwards through the tactics blackboards of il Calcio Italiano. We commenced at the back, talking about the Libero, its defensive excellence and its free runs. We then moved to the defensive third and discussed the Regista, its artistry with the ball and its playmaking creativity. And lastly, weContinue reading “The Italian Roles: The Trequartista”