South American Journeyman Recap #6

Welcome to a new monday recap guys! It’s been a while but we’re back at it. It’s been a busy… summer, I guess, as the off season in Brazil goes from september to january, counterclock to most of the footballing world. Let’s see what we’ve been up to…

Signings, signings everywhere

It was a complicated transfer window for Paulo Castolo and his guys. A lot of people leaving, backups needed and a hell of a lot of scouting, let’s see (in order of arrival) who got to our home at Sergipe…

Versatile midfielder Resende, former Flu youth player. Liked his determination. One for the future.

Former Mineiro and Criciúma defender Rodrigo. With most our defenders at the wrong side of 30, we prepare for the future.

Double trouble for our Serie C rivals…William Soares and Jajá are here! The first is a talented CB coming home from Europe, the second brings the fun (?) in midfield

Reinforcements on the wings with Raphael Martinho, an experience leftie to help rotation and add overall quality.

An old man is a wise man. His legs might not be there anymore but his feet and his mind stay sharp: Maicon joins us.

We needed some cover on the LWB and greek demigods always make great signings so Hercules joins us. To keep the board happy with our signing policy we add another promising young gun to our striking force, welcome Pablo Bezerra

We needed some options up front (been playing some draw-tastic football of late) so we bring another “classic” player, welcome Renan Marques to Confiança.

Early signs

Early results showed some positive (if sometimes underwhelming) signs. We were creating lots of chances, but not scoring many. Take the Ser-Con Derby as an example…

We ruled the game, with the Sergipe goal coming from an early mistake from our defense, and still only left with a draw from an late equalizer to save face.

We were playing well, creating lots of chances, and even though that led some some spectacular golazos

…it was clear that we needed some tactical adjustments.

We dropped the SS for a AF to get more options up top, and switched the RPM for an attacking AP, with the same reasoning. To balance things out the MEZ is now on support duty. Jury is still out on the BWM-S…

In all fairness though, the team was influenced negatively by a terrible run of injuries, with key men like Altemar and new signing Jajá losing many weeks on the sidelines…

So where does that leave us? We are undefeated in official matches, closing in on qualification to the Sergipe State Championship Second Round and still alive in every competition we’ve played so far..

And on other news out main man got his first badge! The first of many, hopefully

So that will be all for now, we’ll be back next week to see how it went with the state championships and the rest of the season. As always, thanks for reading and see you next time!

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