South American Journeyman Recap #5

How’s it going guys ? Ready for some #SouthAmericanJourneyman? I must admit I dropped the SudAmerica save. The players weren’t responding, I wasn’t hooked… Maybe I started it too soon after the heartbreak, but a journeyman save is all about the journey and I wasn’t feeling it.

Ultimately I decided to take some time off. Sunny days, beaches… Brazil! Laying on deck chair, sipping a drink, I asked myself “What do I want to do?” To be the master of my fate, the best of the league…master…league… then it hit me: it was time to go back to my roots.

To me, that means travelling back in time, to a simpler day, when losers could become winners with a flick of a button, when legends where born out of a rag-tag bunch of also-rans. I present to you our new main man!

Jokes aside, I’ve been using PES players in FM for a while, drawing inspiration from some of my favourite players to fill their biography; Minanda is based of Rui Costa, and Espimas of Dugarry. It gives me the chance to invest in a narrative without racking my brain about it…

Who is Castolo based in? Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima. Starting unemployed with a regional player reputation (as to not be jobless for months like last time) and no licenses, I took an offer from Associação Desportiva Confiança, who were middling in the bottom half of group B…

First match was a 2-1 win over last-place Boa Esporte, that took us to the healthy half of the table. Tactically I’m using a variant on the Bielsaball tactic I posted last time. The usage of a TM was obligatory as none of my strikers had much pace.

Next up was the Copa do Nordeste against Serie A side Ceará, so I’ll try not to ruin what has so far been a great cup run for the club. In the mean time we went on the usual hunt for freebies. Fair to say some of the guys applying for trials aren’t at the top of their game. Here at Confiança we’re constantly innovating, this time with the concept of “wondergramps”…

With no luck at the cup but a 2nd win from 2 played in the league, we landed in the PlayOff race. Good performances from the team, but still some tactical tinkering

But as the 1st season drew to a close for Castolo’s Confiança it became we found out we’ll be staying at Serie C. Played some great football but struggled to score; many 1-0 leads lost in the dying moments.

Much work to be done yet… and can somebody please get this man a coaching badge!? Thanks again for your support and for sticking with me through this turbulent series, hopefully it will be smooth sailing from now on!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Seattle Red

    If you’re not feeling a save, moving on is a fair response! Love the Larry David gif 🤣

    Liked by 1 person

    1. fromero92

      It’s like dropping a book. It doesn’t feel right, but you have to learn to do it jajaja


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