South American Journeyman Recap #4

Welcome to a new monday(ish) recap of the #SouthAmericanJourneyman and this a bit of a sad one. I must announce this is the end for the current save. The reason comes down to one massive bug that basically will ruin the whole experience.

In order to be able to have a proper rags to riches journeyman experience I was using a custom database to access not only the argentinian lower leagues but also the remaining south american leagues like Bolivia, Paraguay and Venezuela. Soon after the release of the 20.3 patch it was found out that on the DB I was using the Argentine Primera División wasn’t transitioning down to 20 teams. I was aware of this issue but trusted it would only come to a perpetual 24 teams + Copa Superliga season cycle for the Primera División A. However, testers found out that sadly by 2022/23 (the point where it should become a 20 teams 38 matches cycle) the league itself suddently disappears entirely.

I’m sure you can imagine this ruins the whole experience as even if by that point we’re not managing in Argentina, one of the mayor leagues in the area not being played anymore surely throws a spanner in the works; besides, it highlights that there may be other non-reported issues with these set of custom DBs which could end up pilling up and making the whole thing unplayable. As such, I see little point in delaying the inevitable and continuing with this doomsday scenario of a save, so I’ll end the current save right here and now.

However not all is bad news. I have of course started a new save without any mod DBs on the 20.3 new update. The stock DB offers little in terms of south american LLM teams, but we’ll manage. Starting unemployed with no previus experience and a National A license (needed to bump my stats to get hired) we set off to the adventure. It took quite a few interviews as not many teams were interested, but we finally got it done. You know what they say, 18th time’s the charm, but finally the #SouthAmericanJourneyman is back on its feet and what team better to relaunch it that Institución Atlética Sud America! I’ll be updating you guys on the roster and everything elso soon!

Thanks for reading guys!

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