South American Journeyman Recap #3

How’s it going guys? You’ve (hopefully) been waiting for it and here it is, it’s time for a #SouthAmericanJourneyman update!

Life’s been good here at Ateneo de Mercedes. A strong start to the season (if you don’t mention the first matches) has us scoring high in the early months of the season, with quite a few golazos to speak of…

When we say Sebastian Fuentes is one of the most lethal strikers in the Argentino C, we mean it.

However those early hiccups have proven costly, with us falling behind infalible Rioja Jrs. and Atlético Policial sides. We’ll see how the season develops, but I’m counting on them bottering each other enough that we can jump them by the end. Staying close on the table is a must!

In the dressing room this group of complete strangers we’ve put together is beginning to gel. Winning makes everyone happy!

However tactically things have been a bit more difficult. It all stems from this one guy, Martín Salina, former Club Atlético Los Andes reserves player. He has the attributes to be one of my most dangerous players but fitting him into the side has been a nightmare.

Converting him into a IF/IW on the left has proven fruitless, with him struggling to adapt to the role and create any sort of problem for the opposition. In addition, having him there forces me to leave my best winger on the bench, and my LB hasn’t got the skills to play LWB.

So this is what I’ve settled for. He’s been better at attacking the spaces left by Fuentes, plus that allows me to play Mora on his lovely left foot and leave Croce to the simpler, less demanding task of just not screwing up. It’s far from perfect, but it’s worked out so far…

On a more administrative side of things, we’ve been trial-running lots of players, with now 100+ scouted players on our DB. I want us to be ready for when the Jan. Transfer Window opens and all the big guns come looking for our best guys. Some targets are already on my sight…

So that will be all for now. The next couple of months see us go against the top sides at home, a great chance to take some points from them and close the title gap. I’ll be returning soon enough with all the news.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Seattle Red

    That Fuentes strike…damn!


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